Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet Designs has arrived!

I received my copy of Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas last week and have been drooling over every page. Her work has always been an inspiration for me and her blog like a virtual mentor. And the fact that she has written this book with such honesty makes it so special and REAL. 

My favorite part is the introduction where she talks about family and kids accompanied by images of her two boys, her inspiration and her little helpers (see for yourself). A momprenuer myself, its always heartwarming to see how moms all over the world are "making it work" in their own creative way!
 Thank you Amy for this fabulous book & being an inspiration!
Best always
 Here's the apple of my eye trying out the props at a photobooth we designed for a 
Rock n Roll baby shower  (coming soon on the blog)

"Balance suggests that everything important in your life should be satisfied in an equal way. Life for a parent entrepreneur rarely works like this, making balance such an unattainable goal. Indeed, it is hard to reach a feeling of equilibrium when you’re being pulled in five different directions. So instead of thinking of balance, I think about “making it work.” It places importance on flexibility and adaptability, instead of satisfying all parties. And for an entrepreneurial mom, where every day brings a new set of challenges, flexibility is an asset"
-Read the rest of article here (Design Sponge)

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