Monday, May 16, 2011

SBD Featured: Grace Ormonde

Grace Ormonde: Wedding Style Magazine has been an all time favorite with us at SBD. Time and again we have turned to their inspiration galleries that host a collection of stunning, luxurious and breathtaking weddings. So you can imagine our excitement when we received an email from Grace Ormonde requesting us to send them a high-res image of one of the weddings we designed & coordinated early last year!

Honestly we just cant get enough of this screen shot! No seriously.
See for yourself why we are drooling over it.

Also a big shout out to Sadia & Asad, our lovely couple for taking this leap of faith and trusting us with their entire wedding from start to finish, Projected Life Photography for the epic shot that has earned us a place in this prestigious magazine and The Perfect Setting for their luxurious rentals and of course Grace Ormonde for showcasing our work!

This is how it all started: The vision

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